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Richmond, Tx


"The content of my work is derived from my interpretation of personal observations of places, people, and things!

Linda Shackelford holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts with emphasis in "Drawing". Masters from Southwestern U. Oklahoma. Linda has judged many Oklahoma fine art festivals, and shows.. She has given many demonstrations and lectures to the public on "Drawing You Into Art!"
She has taught Drawing for Clarendon College Texas. In the past she was ART Advisor for the Museum of Fort Sill Oklahoma.. Alot of her works include musical themes including guitars... This is a reflection of her accomplishments as a singer, and guitarist which she also studied in College.
Linda loves to travel and sketch on location if the opportunity is at hand! Recently she went to India, Agra to see the "Taj Mahal", and many other sights of India.
Went to Namur Brussels, Brugge, Belguim, then Paris France in 2006 with her sister, to photograph, and sketch the sights.
Amsterdam Holland is the latest travels, where she has enjoyed painting some of the beautiful churches, bridges, and water there!
Linda insists that the only way to become a artist at heart is to never trace, duplicate others work (even partial), or become dependant on the projector!
The birth of your creative process begins at the moment you experience visually, or emotionally something you find worthy, beautiful, in your world. Then the mind starts laying out composition, subject matter to concentrate on, mentally solving issues, etc.... I use the "pencil thumb method" of measurement, and try to do on location if all possible! Then I will use a photo if needed, but then it is only a reference, not a shortcut to trace.
The maturity of perfecting your ability to draw, making decisions on application is the STUFF THAT MAKES YOU A REAL ARTIST AT HEART!


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